Venice Design Series | Urban Farms & Gardens Tour
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Urban Farms & Gardens Tour 2021

This tour not only treats you to 3 wonderfully different urban farms and gardens but also introduces you to extremely talented farmers, educators and chefs who are committed to regenerative agriculture, community engagement and social justice. Stunning Plumcot Farms in Malibu, helmed by resident FarmHer Alison Hersel, will host our vegetarian, farm-fresh lunch cooked by Oliver English, filmmaker, environmentalist and food activist. Joining Alison and Oliver for a talk will be Farmer Rishi, who farms, educates and consults in the area of regenerative farming. Then, we’ll travel further up the coast to tour acres of planted fields and enjoy dessert in the bucolic setting of Thorne Family Farms. Farmers Larry and Laurel Thorne will share about their life on the farm and keep their sought-after farm stand open late just for our exclusive shopping of their fresh picked produce, berries and flowers. You’ll leave the day with a better understanding of how to positively impact our environment.

Photos by Jack Prichett